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Euromaster evolution : Production of soundproofing and thermal insulation goods, industrial bellows and construction of vehicles and transport equipment.
The passion for the research, quality and innovation of an artisan; the technology and the production capacity of industry: for this reason, above all, for over 40 years, customers choose us.

Our products reach all over Europe the leading manufacturer companies of transportation and handling fields.
Thanks to the flexibility of our production departments we are able to manage a custom production programming and we are the ideal partner also for small production series.

Euro Master Evolution is for its customers the partner in developing and implementing unique solutions for:

Design & Development

Design & Development department’s experienced engineers and technicians support our clients in designing and implementing customized solutions, they do technical consulting,they project technical drawing for molds making.

An important role of the Design & Development department is the selection of materials for the production, our experts translate customer needs in innovative materials and solutions proposals, in line with the customer budget and compliant to sector’s safety regulation.

Often our Design & Development department in collaboration with customers and suppliers created new materials, such as for the air conveyor sleeves for high-speed trains.

In our plant there is also a room for anechoic test measurement and evaluation of noise reduction.

Why Euro Master Evolution

  • Reliability: quality and on time delivery
  • Experience: over 40 years
  • Flexibility: custom production programming, even on short runs
  • Innovation: constantly looking for new materials and new solutions
  • Safety: quality certification, use of eco-friendly materials and compliant to EU standards
  • Consulting and Design: for managing unique solutions full cycle, from concept to production

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Technical sewing

Our needlewoman experience, as well as on the handmade details in bags and cases, it proves especially on the manufacturing of bellows, where the manufacturing process is very complex, uses the technology and requires high accuracy.


A production department larger than 3,000 square meters, with presses for hot and cold thermoforming of sound-absorbing fabric. Over 40,000 pieces / year manufactured to be assembled on vehicles, trains, tractors, boats, campers…